Josh Swank

Josh Swank
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Proud Hoosier, I became a citizen of Illinois via Rhode Island and Muncie. Proud of my experience and accomplishments at Johnson & Wales in Providence and then excelled in my Masters at Ball State. Lover of lakes, the ocean, adventure, the journey, nature, family and friendship. Champion of startups, entrepreneurs, the disadvantaged and fighter for "the right thing." Philanthropist. Survivor.

Life’s Challenges are not supposed to paralyze you... they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.
— Bernice Johnson Reagon


Passions + Career + Hobbies & Fun

I'm a pretty lucky guy. Happily married, no kids or pets, ultimately flexibility with a career I love. I work a lot because I love it and I get to work with those I love. And I'm able to continue to be a kid. I own a rubber duck company and I'm an app developer active in the startup community in Peoria, which I'm really passionate about along with entrepreneurship. Interested in personal safety? Check out Virtual Halo? Need a rubber duck, shop at Links are below. Enjoy.

 Follow along on my journey through cancer

Follow along on my journey through cancer

An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.
— Lao Tzu